IRS Problems

This is typically very stressful for individuals regarding their tax returns. Many times however, the Internal Revenue Service sends notices, just for common mishaps that happen when a return was prepared or filed.  For example, you forgot to attach your W-2 to your return or you gave the wrong social security number for your new baby that you claimed as an exemption on. These are the easy problems to solve and most of the time, you can resolve these yourself.

However, other times there are more critical notices that may come in the mail. Specifically, a notice of audit. Our office recommends when you receive this notice, don’t try and handle it yourself. Contact a CPA to handle it.  If you don’t have one, our office will be more than happy to handle it for you. A CPA knows the laws and is familiar with the IRS maze of facts.  We will have you sign a Power of Attorney and this will allow us to act on your behalf. We have been handling IRS disputes for over 14 years and our office has been successful, even to the extent of appellant level!