Court Support

litigation-support-gavel-100.jpgOur legal services team, comprised of CPAs, have extensive experience in Guardianships and litigation support.  King Financial Group has insight and the business acumen in dealing with private court action and the mediation process.  We provide well written reports and experienced testimony to support our representation, whether to protect an indigent's assets or to provide support for corporate or marital seperation.  Our CPAs can assist your legal team with business reconstruction, forensic accounting and other.

Our firm is able to provide:

  • Annual Plan of Accounting -Guardianships
  • Business reconstruction-true picture of profitability
  • Schedules-Equitable Distribution
  • Provide expert financial reporting on all aspects
  • Will convey written findings and conclusions
  • Can assess the economic loss of an individual
  • Consulting services with your legal team
  • Forensic accounting engagements
  • Court-appointed roles